Top 5 Tips and Tricks in Coin Master You Should Start Using


Coin Master is a single-player mobile game that features a building meta. You can play slot machines to earn coins and different rewards as well as upgrade and build your village. The game is lighthearted, fun, and entertaining.

Top 5 Awesome Tricks To Try

Playing Coin Master might be ridiculously easy but it doesn’t mean you won’t need some tips and tricks. Get the most out of your resources and chests with these tricks!

How to send more than 5 cards per day

Coin master allows you to send 5 cards a day to your Facebook friends. There’s a way to send more than what is capped. You will need to go to the time and date setting and change it to at least 24 hours in advance.

Tricks on Buying Chests

Take a look at the stars on the last card from the chest. If the card has 1-2 stars on it, you must buy a wooden chest. If it has 3 then buy gold and buy a magical for 4-5 stars. This tip will get more new cards.

You can also start by buying only wooden chests until there are 3 stars on the last card. After this, you can move on to buying golden chests. Keep buying until you get 4 stars on the last card then you can move on to buying magical chests until you get a golden last card.

When you are about to reach a new level, start building village objects up to 2 stars. After that go and start buying chests.

Buy chests in every village. In each village, you might get different rare and gold cards. You must make sure to get every rare and gold card available because it will be harder to acquire them at higher levels. It can be helpful to stay a little longer and buy chests.

All About Slot Machines

In every hour, you get five free spins. Once you use up all the free spins, go on and take a break for a whole day and return the next day, you will see that your spin meter is filled max. To get extra gifts you can watch video ads.

The slot machine requires you to match three-icons, you can either get gifts or be thrown in gameplay action. When you match three hammers, you will be able to raid a random player’s village. Three shields, you’ll get an actual shield, this will somehow protect your village from getting raided by other players. When you have an active shield, you’ll still lose a bit of coin during a raid, but definitely way smaller than what you’ll lose on a raid without a shield. Three pig faces will let you raid the present Coin Master. With this, you’ll get a massive amount of coins, the biggest. When you match up three energy capsules, you will get extra spins. Three two-coin icons will reward you with more coins. If you don’t get any three matching icons, you’ll still get a few coins as a consolation prize.


When you get to attack, go to revenge then select Random. The game will select people that are not your friend list. If you have no other choice, you can try and give a heads up to your friends and ask them to spend all coins before the raid and vice versa. Your friend will get to spend his / her coins and you still get the coins that were available before.

Play Daily

Playing Coin Master daily will get you 50 spins alone. Be sure to log in every day to take advantage of these rewards and get those coins off your Facebook friends. Oh and don’t forget to run Daily Bonus Wheel spins.

Now that you have the most useful tips and tricks to help you gain coins and cards easily. You can now assume the title of Coin Master!