NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball: Full Game Review


NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball features a five vs. five sports action. With the game’s massive roster of players, you can collect and level up. You can now hit the courts and play your NBA dream to stardom.

I won’t go into detail and disclose more about this game yet. Read more to get an in-depth look into the EA Sports pocket game’s features.


The gameplay does not stray too far from other EA games. The game features building your team mechanics. The player starter pack will be given to you, NBA Players are divided into various line ups according to their skills. You can choose players to play for your team as long as you have the resources needed. Most of the time, you will be required to spend real money to get the players you want.

Each NBA Player shows their strengths and weaknesses to help you decide which will be beneficial to your team. Every player you buy will be inserted into each lineup automatically. So, choosing players will be easier for you. There are four modes available to play; events/season, leagues, and the head-to-head.


The events mode is made up of season games and some skill challenges. Some are level-gated, so you will need to reach an appropriate level to play them. In seasons, the quarter only lasts 2 minutes but you will get to play the finals.


Here, you will be able to see anyone that is playing the same mode and can challenge any of them. NBA LIVE seems like to take turn-based mechanics on this quite interesting play mode. Each player in the match will take control of one quarter. For example, you play the first quarter against the opposing team’s AI, then your opponent will take the 2nd quarter. Then you take the 3rd and the other team will take the 4th.


NBA Live allows you to create your league for 5000 coins or you can just join a bunch of already existing leagues. It is better to just do the latter and save your coin when you’re just starting.

To play any of the game modes it consumes stamina. Players start with 15 stamina and you will gain more as you level up. Stamina replenishes in a significant amount of time. Don’t waste money buying them.


Controls are intuitive and easy to learn. There are keys to offense and defense. Pass, drive and shoot for offense while guard and block for a defense. The game’s tutorial is very helpful in explaining how to use these controls.

The game’s UI gives hints on some controls. It’ll give tips on how to handle the controls and use them to your advantage and they are pretty intuitive.

One good trick, hold down the guard key while you are on defense, let it go, and quickly tap it. This will allow you to steal the ball from another player.


The game menu shares similarity with some EA sports video games, only with a hidden menu bar where you can keep tabs on the entire season, next matches, and some other stuff.

There is also an actual extra section where you can auction off the players that you want to get rid of. And you can purchase random player packs here with real money or any money that you have earned through leveling.


The game offers a mix of strategy and tactical gameplay experience with its team building mechanics, which is kind of cool instead of just having to play a pre-arranged team of players. And the game’s grind system is just fair, not too easy, and not tedious. You can earn some decent money just by leveling and you will be able to buy new players with them to create your dream team.

NBA LIVE is amazing especially that a game like this was compacted in a pocket version with no signs of any hiccups. It’s a great game to pick up on your free days to just kill the time.