Soccer Stars: Strategy Guide For A Sure Goal


Soccer star is a turn-based two-goal soccer game where players hit a ball to make a goal. In this game, each player will be given thirty seconds to execute their move using five bottle caps. For each turn, a player can only move one of its caps. The main objective is to score or make a goal in your opponent’s base.

Strategy Guide

Soccer Stars is a fairly easy game that you will surely enjoy. It is light-hearted and fun but still has its competitive style and challenging matches. Players will get to compete in various tiers and different countries. You can play online against friends and other people from all over the world for a more engaging and interactive match.

  1. The main objective of the game is to hit the ball into the goal. So, angles play a big part in achieving this objective especially when you can’t hit the ball in a straight line going to the ball. Take note that you can bounce balls off walls in this game. So, angles and walls play a big part in successfully making a goal. You can try to learn the different ways you can use angles and walls to your advantage by practicing a match offline.
  2. We’ll say it right off the bat, out of all the four available formations, 1-2-1 is the most useful formation. When using this formation, it is best to keep 3 of your players at the back. If the situation permits you, just focus on using 1 player. Try practicing with only a single player to score and three players to cover your base.
  3. Use your opponent to score. Crash one of your players into your opponents, this will make the opponent move players around. In a 1-1-2-1, you can have one player to hit the ball and one to make space for you. Try knocking the opposition defender by the latter. This will give you a clear shot or maybe a good angle shot.
  4. Play on your PC instead of your phone. You can see the pitch better on a larger screen and use the key mapping tool to assign keys for your players. Use the mouse to hold and aim when using the goalie.
  5. Avoid getting too close to the lines. A player that crosses the line of the field will be automatically repositioned and this will leave an open goal for the opposition.
  6. Do not use max power shots especially if you’re a beginner. Get a feel of how hard a certain level of power hits the ball. When the ball is hit too hard, it will end up going all over the place and this will give the opponent a tap-in.
  7. When using kick-off, do not aim straight for the goal, try and land close enough to the goal that the defense of the other team will have a hard time digging it out. Using a kick-off to score a goal is a foul and the turn will be given to the other team.

Be sure to use this guide for a better chance of making a goal! This goes without saying; practice, practice, and practice. Get hold of how the ball behaves on different angles and hit power. Experiment with formations and find what works for you.