In-Depth Look into Summoners War Online


Summoners War is a turn-based fantasy MMORPG that boasts a massive summoning system with in-depth customization and various playstyle support. The game allows players to collect and summon a variety of creatures and enter the RPG style battle system.

Key Features

Summoners war feature creatures or monsters alike that possess different skills and abilities that make them unique from one another. Each monster will play a different role in combat. From the tank, attack, support roles, and such. Let’s take a quick look at the key features the game has to offer.

Turn-Based Combat System

Its RPG battle style combat is nothing new in the MMORPG world. However, the different abilities and critical effects of each monster make a bit of a difference to the game.

Collection of Monster

The game has a huge collection of monsters to get players excited (over a thousand monsters). And recent collaboration added new playable characters to the book. Even though they won’t stay for long, it’s still nice to see fresh faces(monsters) in the pool of bizarre creatures. You can upgrade each monster and evolve them to your own accord based on your playstyle with its rune system.


The summoner war community is big. For a game this old, I did not expect that the community will still be alive, especially that more and more MMORPGs are coming into the market. You will find great advice and helpful forums from all players all around the world.

Sky Island Headquarters

The game also features a building meta where players get to build their own hub. Players can expand or improve their own magical headquarters based on their own preferences. Which is cool and which you won’t find in some MMORPG games.

Different Gameplay Modes

The game has diverse battles for players to participate in, either in PvP or in single-player mode. You can compete against players in online battles that you fight in real-time turn-based combat. Using different skills and attacks, it gives the game a strategic appeal to it and interactive elements that other MMORPG nowadays lack.

Collaboration and Updates

The game’s latest collaboration with Street Fighter V, players can enjoy summoning Street Fighter iconic characters such as Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, and more until November 1st. The characters tend to fall on the cuter side than their usual intimidating powerful counterparts in the Capcom universe. But don’t be fooled they can still give one hell of a kick and other impressive special moves in battles.

The game’s latest collaboration update Fighter’s Dimensional Rift allows players to face Street Fighter Characters in boss battles. And I will admit that is pretty cool.


Sure, the game can be a total grind-fest especially if you have been playing the game in so long and still haven’t got to summon a nat 5* monster. However, taking into account it’s deep strategy team building system and all the contents, updates, amazing collaboration as well as diverse battles/gameplay, it’ll be a shame to pass on this generous free-to-play game.