Roll the Ball® – slide puzzle: A Multiplayer Puzzle Game Experience

Puzzles have been one of the most sought out forms of entertainment particularly in the world of casual video games. This brain exercise has been incorporated in almost every genre available in the video game industry. From RPG to action-adventure titles, puzzles have always been one of the most important icebreakers that make any video game even more immersive and exciting. Nevertheless, there are players out there who prefer their puzzle without the added elements. If you are one of those gamers then, Roll the Ball – slide puzzle is something that you definitely should check out.


Roll the Ball Iconic Puzzle Game?

First off, Roll the Ball is a new and innovative take on the sliding puzzle game. With its classic wood-themed and iron-ball design, this title brings a realistic rendition of the classic puzzle game. As a result, allowing the player to experience one of the most immersive experiences ever seen in a puzzle game. Along with its impressive visuals are the various game modes that are brilliantly infused into the game’s core gameplay structure.

Speaking of game modes, Roll the Ball features four exciting variants just waiting for you to explore. Each of these modes comes with their unique twists and challenges designed to improve your hand-eye coordination. One of these modes is Collect Star, which as the name suggests allows the player to solve the puzzle by collecting all the stars on the board. Then there’s the Moving mode that allows the player to move the ball from one place to another to solve the puzzle.

Next is the Rotation mode, which unlike the previous two modes, requires the player to rotate the puzzle pieces in the board to create a path for the steel ball. The fourth and perhaps the most exciting mode of all is the Multiplayer mode that allows players to compete with their friends or any random players across the globe.


Lots of Fun, Update Potential

In addition to the various game modes, Roll the Ball also comes with no time limits and penalties. This means that you get to take your time in solving the various puzzles featured on the board. To make it even more exciting, the developers of the game also integrated more than 3000 levels and a dedicated hint button into the game. On top of that are the various bonuses that are awarded to the player with each milestone.

In a nutshell, Roll the Ball is a straightforward sliding puzzle game that provides a truly rewarding experience. It comes with all the necessary features that will keep you busy for hours on end. That said, if you are looking for a free-to-play game that you can play with your friends, family, and even random players on your PC, then Roll the Ball – sliding game is something that you should consider downloading. Don’t forget to share this amazing title with your fellow puzzle enthusiasts for a more exciting experience.

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