Angry Birds Seasons: So What’s News in Seasons?

Angry Birds Seasons is the second installment to the highly acclaimed video game from Rovio. Released in 2010, Angry Birds Seasons is more of a spin-off rather than a sequel to the original game. This is due to the fact, that the game looks like a reskin of the original game. Nevertheless, Angry Birds Seasons has its own unique design and much smoother gameplay to the original title.

Some of the features that made Angry Birds Seasons a hit comes from its massive collection of puzzle levels, unique power-ups, surprise eggs, and Pig Challenge. On top of that are the various themed episodes that add variety to the game. Since its inception, Angry Birds Season managed to contribute a decent number to the overwhelming 2 billion combined downloads of the franchise. That said, if you are hungry for that classic Angry Birds gameplay, then, download Angry Birds Seasons straight to your PC today.


The Seasons of Angry Birds Seasons

Angry Birds Seasons as the title suggests features various seasons. Each of which comes with their own unique settings and challenges. That said, check out the brief descriptions of the seven seasons of the highly acclaimed title.


Season 1 Halloween

Released in October 2010, the first season of Angry Birds Seasons comes with a Halloween theme. As the title suggests, Halloween features themed levels that come with visuals and soundtrack. Also included in this season are Christmas-themed levels representing each of the 25 days of Christmas. The Halloween episode was named “trick or treat” while the Christmas episode was named “Seasons Greedings.”


Season 2 Valentine’s Day

The second season of Angry Birds Seasons called “Hogs and Kisses” went live in February 2011. Just like the first season, Hogs and Kisses featured themed levels and soundtracks. Rovio also added and an episode called “Go Green, Get Lucky” in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, “Easter Eggs” for Easter, “Summer Pignic” for Summer, “Mooncake Festival” for the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, “Ham’O’Ween” for Halloween, and “Wreck the Halls” for Christmas.


Season 3 Year of the Dragon

The third season of Angry Birds Seasons made its way to the game in January 2012. Year of the Dragon pays homage to the Chinese New Year and just like the previous seasons, Rovio added multiple episodes as the year progressed. The episodes in the third season include the Japanese-themed Cherry Blossom, “Piglantis” with an Atlantis theme, “Back to School” with school-themed levels, “Haunted Hogs” for Halloween, and Winter Wonderham for Christmas.


Season 4 Circus Day

The fourth season in Angry Birds Season was launched to celebrate the World Circus Day. The new season called “Abra-Ca-Bacon” introduced magic portals into the game. In addition, this season also included a Christmas episode called Arctic Eggspedition.


Season 5 South Hamerica and Pig Days

Season 5 comes with two titles South Hamerica and Pig Days. This season introduced weekly unlockable levels into the game. The episodes included in this season include “Ham Dunk” in celebration of NBA Championships along with a Christmas episode called “On Finn Ice.”


Season 6 Ham Dunk

Season six began with the second part of Ham Dunk. Most of the episodes in this season are mainly focused on basketball. In addition to the basketball-themed events, season 6 also introduced a new word contained in an episode called “Invasion of the Egg Snatchers” along with a Christmas episode called “Ski or Squeal.”


Season 7 Fairy Hogmother

The final season of Angry Birds Season went live on February 11, 2016. The season kicked off with an episode called Fairy Hogmother that comes with a fairy tale setting. Other episodes include “Marie Hamtionette” released on Spring, “Summer Camp” for Summer, “The Pig Challenge”—a tournament style mode, “Piggywood Studios” – a movie-themed episode, “Hammier Things” for Halloween, and “Ragnahog” – for Christmas.

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